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Arroyo Toad - Endangered Species

The southwestern arroyo toad, one of the "true toads,"is specialized for life in an unstable habitat. No more than three inches long, this small toad was once found throughout coastal rivers and streams in southern and central California, from Monterey to San Diego counties, as well as in Baja California. The toad hatches in a river or stream and begins to develop in water; as an adult, it lives on land, where it forages for insects (mostly ants) and digs burrows on sandy terraces.

But arroyo toad populations have suffered throughout the twentieth century as watersheds in southern California have been dammed and polluted by siltation from development and other activities. The toad's habitat has been degraded, fragmented and reduced by urban sprawl, dams, cattle grazing, mining and off-road vehicle use; it now survives only in 22 small, isolated headwaters. In addition it has lost over 80% of its habitat in Southern California.

East Orange - Orange Hills Task Force

orange hills task force

The Orange Hills Task Force stands in the way of the Irvine Company’s last big push for sprawl. At issue are water quality for Irvine Lake, Peters Canyon Reservoir, and Santiago Creek; critical habitat and wildlife corridors; and overcrowded schools. By establishing good working relationships with elected officials and educating them on the issues, the task force has succeeded in positively affecting the Irvine Company’s projects. The CLCF is currently working with the task force to save the wildland area east of Irvine Lake along scenic Santiago Canyon and the Santiago Creek. Proceeds from our 3rd Annual Tree Hugger's Ball were allocated to help save East Orange.
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arroyo toad
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Arroyo Toad

Bufo microscaphus californicus)

SMRPD Board Letter to OC BOS 09/27/2007

The Silverado Modjeska Recreation and Park District (“SMRPD”) Board of Directors unanimously expresses its serious concerns to the Board of Supervisors about the recent developments involving the property on Silverado Canyon Road, formerly known as the Holtz Ranch, called “Silverado Canyon Ranch” (the “Project”). It is our understanding that biological surveys have identified the nearby presence of the arroyo toad (Bufo californicus), an endangered species. The SEIR for the Project has failed to properly analyze the potentially significant impacts to the arroyo toad and its habitat and instead has tried to dismiss even its presence. Rather than certify the SEIR and allow the Project to proceed, which will destroy habitat forever, SMRPD requests that the County require the Project applicant to: 1) undertake a thorough, scientifically rigorous study of the arroyo toad’s habitat and its presence on the Project site, 2) include that study and other relevant documents in the SEIR and 3) recirculate the SEIR in order to provide the public with a meaningful opportunity to participate in the CEQA decision process for this Project.
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Endangered Toad Discovered on Holtz Ranch in Silverado
by Ray Chandos

For the first time in 20 years,
larvae of the nearly extinct Arroyo Southwestern Toad have been observed in Silverado Creek on the 318-acre Holtz Ranch site, currently slated for mass-graded development of estate homes.
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"Man Bites Frog"
by Andrew Tonkovich

A bucolic canyon. A mountain stream. An endangered toad. A Vegas casino magnate proposing construction of a dozen McMansions on ranch land adjacent the stream and the toad.
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